September 28, 2020

State Debate: Vote now says Journal Times; Right Wisconsin slams Evers’ unemployment ‘scandal’ | Opinion

State Debate: Vote now says Journal Times; Right Wisconsin slams Evers' unemployment 'scandal' | Opinion

Don’t leave your vote to chance, counsels the Racine Journal Times. The paper isn’t enamored with U.S. District Court Judge William Conley’s decision to extend the counting of ballots for six days after Nov. 3. That can only lead to more court action, causing voter confusion. The Journal Times suggests that citizens cast their ballots now and don’t wait until the end. Either that, or go in person to the polls on Nov. 3. 

Brown County’s Covid infection rate has probably now hit Chief Justice Patience Roggensack’s “regular folks,” says Political Environment blogger James Rowen, referring to her comments during the dispute over Gov. Tony Evers’ stay at home rules in the spring that the virus had just hit meat packing workers, not regular folks.

Blogging Blue’s Ed Heinzelman weighs in on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, insisting there’s nothing wrong with her Catholicism, but questions her membership in an ecumenical group called “People of Praise.” He points out that the group has some steadfast beliefs concerning the role of women in society.

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