July 25, 2021

Missouri lawmakers have yet to resolve unemployment overpayment issue

Missouri lawmakers have yet to resolve unemployment overpayment issue

ST. LOUIS – The state of Illinois did what Missouri has failed to do – pass legislation to exempt citizens from having to repay state unemployment pandemic overpayments.

About 76,000 Illinois residents are impacted. The payments were the government’s fault. Officials there even admitted to residents that they were not to blame. Yet Illinoisans could have been forced to repay the money if the state legislature and Governor J.B. Pritzker hadn’t addressed the issue.

The opposite happened in Missouri. A bipartisan effort by legislators, which would have given Missourians a break, failed to pass.

Governor Mike Parson came out against forgiving the overpayment. He’s bent somewhat on the federal funds because the feds have told states they don’t expect the money to be paid back. But in Missouri, there is still the matter of paying back all the state money overpaid that the governor wants paid back.

FOX 2’s Elliott Davis spoke with lawmakers in both Missouri and Illinois about the issue affecting tens of thousands of families on both sides of the Mississippi River.

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