September 25, 2020

Janesville family still waiting on Unemployment Insurance after 6 months

Janesville family still waiting on Unemployment Insurance after 6 months

JANESVILLE(WKOW) — If you couldn’t get through to Wisconsin’s unemployment offices this spring, you weren’t alone.

A state audit found only half a percent of calls got through between March 15th and June 30.

More than 93 percent of people got busy signals, or were blocked and more than 6 percent of people simply gave up.

One Janesville family has been waiting for their unemployment insurance since March.

They say they’ve been told it’s just around the corner for weeks now.

“It’s been going downhill ever since,” Karri Carter said.

Karry Carter and his wife Karri have been waiting since March 17th for unemployment insurance after Karri lost her job due to the coronavirus.

“We’ve just been waiting and every time we call they say they’re just waiting on an adjudication just to get to it, because of an issue from one of the weeks, but they’re holding back all of the weeks,” Karry said.

They’ve been told the claim is still on hold due to an issue with the filing information from one week in May.

While they haven’t been approved yet, they believe it is $20,000 worth of insurance.

Their time to wait has run out.

“We woke up today and found out we had an eviction notice on our door, so money would be very important to us,” Karry said.

The Carters said their landlord has given them until mid-October to leave their apartment because of the eviction.

They say the unemployment assistance would help them leave and find a new place to stay.

Carter believes the biggest hangup has to do with their recent marriage.

“It took me two and a half months just to talk to somebody to get my name changed on the portal so I could go the next step for my unemployment,” Karri said.

She says she now calls every day for an update on the situation and says DWD officials say there’s no clear answer on when they could get relief.

“They said it could be a week it could be two weeks, it could be longer than that, they couldn’t give me an estimate,” Karri said.

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